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“New” Home Selling Trend – Date My House

In this buyers’ market, sellers and their agents must find creative ways to get properties sold. Price is often not enough so sellers have tried including boats, cars, vacations, and furniture to sweeten the deal. There’s a new show on TLC called “Date My House” that claims to try a different approach to capturing buyer […]

Rocky Point Riverfront Townhomes

          I have to brag a little if I may. It’s no secret that the real estate market is slow. Many people that absolutely have to sell can’t and others that would like to don’t dare listing because they’re convinced they can’t sell. They won’t even try. At Rocky Point, we have sold 2 of […]

March Real Estate Statistics

There really wasn’t a whole lot of change from February to March. Sold properties are up a bit from January but not substantially. Most of the activity is in the $200-$300,000 price range, which partially explains why the median home price is currently about $290,000. You can view the March Statistics here:  March 2008 Real Estate Statistics

February Real Estate Statistics

Yes, I realize it’s April! I sent out the statistics to my email group but forgot to post them on my blog so here they are now.  February 2008 Real Estate Statistics Pending home sales were up in February compared to January, so we should see a higher number of sold properties in March as the […]

Is Affordable Housing Back?

It obviously depends on your definition of affordable, but it is again possible to purchase a new single family home for under $200,000 in Bend. I’m not referring to short sales or foreclosures either. Several subdivisions are under way in both NE and SE Bend and the lowest priced home I’ve seen is in the […]

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Performing routine maintenance and repairs can save you money in the long run. Some of these tasks require physical labor and mechanical knowledge so if you’re not comfortable performing these tasks yourself, don’t be afraid to hire someone or ask for help.   ·         During Central Oregon winters our roofs are hidden by snow. Spring […]

Time Magazine Article Says “Don’t Wait to Buy”

 A recent Time Magazine article concluded that by waiting one year to buy because you want to wait to see what the market does may not save you as much money as you might think. In fact, it might not save you anything at all. Consider a home priced today at $218,900. If you put […]