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The Team Approach  Two is better than one… working as a team has great advantages to our clients.  You get twice the expertise and attention for the price of one. You have two seasoned brokers entrenched in your immediate marketplace, sourcing market information, each with unique strengths that stand always-ready. 


  1. Tom James · · Reply

    Hi Cheri,

    I have looked for your contact info on this site but it’s not listed? Maybe I missed it?

    You seem like a real go-getter and I wish you luck. Judging from your energy and enthusiasm, I can tell you are new to real estate. (Not an old lizard like me ;-)))

    RE is a very competitive biz so be careful about RE agency rules regarding advertising and marketing. Don’t get your hand slapped for posting a blog or an ad on Craigslist without including all your contact info identifying yourself as a licensed RE broker and who you work for.

    The real estate biz is lucky to have you so keep up the good work!

    Take care and do well,


  2. cherismith · · Reply

    Thanks for your kind words Tom and thanks for the heads up about my lack of contact info. I guess I’ve never tried to contact myself! I found a way to add it. Thanks again!


  3. Any news on the progress of the Mirada development? It’s almost October, and I don’t see any recent postings. I’d love an update. Thank you! P.J.


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