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Which Bend Neighborhoods are closest to amenities?

Whenever I realize I have to make another trip all the way out to Home Depot on the north end of town, I get a little whiny and irritated but honestly, it takes me 15 minutes. In Bend, it will rarely take you more than 15-20 minutes to get anywhere. If you’re thinking about buying a home […]

Staying current during short sale won’t necessarily save your credit score

BY KEN HARNEY, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2012 INMAN NEWS Without some last-minute gymnastics, underwater homeowners participating in Fannie and Freddie’s ambitious new plan to allow short sales by borrowers who haven’t missed a loan payment could see their credit scores dented just as severely as if they’d gone into foreclosure after months of nonpayment. For the […]

Upside Down? Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

By Sally Herigstad • If you want to pay off your mortgage early, you’ll find plenty of experts recommending ways to do it. All strategies work, but you’ll find some methods of paying off your mortgage are safer, faster, and more painless than others. Compare these ways you can pay off your mortgage early, starting with the simplest and […]

12 Steps to Winterize Your Home

Although we have recently been enjoying beautiful fall weather in Bend, Oregon, colder days are right around the corner.  We’re already seeing temperatures dip into the 30’s and even 20’s at night. Paul Bianchina, a contractor and author, has some great tips to help you get your Bend, Oregon home ready to weather the winter […]

Bend Real Estate Statistics September 2012

Here are the Bend real estate market statistics for September 2012. There were 585 homes for sale, 65 contingent sales, and 445 pending sales. 198 homes sold in Bend in the month of September with a median sales price of $236,750.