Is Affordable Housing Back?

It obviously depends on your definition of affordable, but it is again possible to purchase a new single family home for under $200,000 in Bend. I’m not referring to short sales or foreclosures either. Several subdivisions are under way in both NE and SE Bend and the lowest priced home I’ve seen is in the Mirada subdivision. For $179,900 you can purchase a 1152 sq. ft. single level home with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors, tile countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Other neighborhoods with similar offerings include Gleneden starting at $194,000, Crosswinds at $194,900, Pine View at $197,500, Madison at $199,947, and Parkway Village at $199,950. Contact me for more information about any of these subdivisions.


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  1. Krissa Mattox · · Reply

    I am interested in getting any information you have available on homes under $200,000 in Bend. If you could give me directions to each of the different subdivisions that would be great. I am also interested in getting information on the floor plans available for each subdivision if that is possible. Thank you so much.
    -Krissa Mattox


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