“New” Home Selling Trend – Date My House

In this buyers’ market, sellers and their agents must find creative ways to get properties sold. Price is often not enough so sellers have tried including boats, cars, vacations, and furniture to sweeten the deal. There’s a new show on TLC called “Date My House” that claims to try a different approach to capturing buyer interest.

Each week the host Bob works with a homeowner ready to do just about anything to get their house sold including opening the door to the “dating” scene. Design expert Nadia Geller determines what might turn potential buyers off and then gives the house a face-lift.

Apparently at this point, the house is ready to “date”. The typical open house is transformed into a speed dating session that lets potential purchasers get acquainted with the house in a fun and relaxed setting. When a prospective buyer is selected, they are offered the chance to have a serious date with the house – anything from a small dinner party to a funky ’70s disco-themed gathering of friends – to see if this is really their dream house. At the end of each episode, will the date lead to a long-term committed relationship in the form of an offer, or will it be a case of “I’m just not that into you?”

I’m sure the show is entertaining to watch but I assure you, this is nothing “new”. We’re basically talking about staging and open houses. Brokers host cocktail parties, garden parties, brunches, and BBQ’s at their listings all the time to give potential buyers a better feel for how the home lives. I’m attending one tonight in fact in Broken Top.

An exerpt from the show’s website states “after six months on the market and zero offers, Geoff and Carin are desperate to sell their overcrowded home that is too small for their growing family. Enter Bob Guiney and his dating approach to selling a home.

“Bob and interior designer Nadia Geller tackle several home improvements including painting over red kitchen cabinets, finishing renovations and hiding all the children’s toys.”

It then goes on to say they plan the open house and hope they get the right buyer through. First I would like to say shame on Geoff and Carin’s real estate agent. It should not have taken 6 months on the market for Geoff and Carin to find out the red cabinets needed to be painted, partially completed projects need to be completed, and children’s toys should be put away for showings. This is part of the service I offer as a full-service, full-time real estate agent. I walk through the house with you, making notes about things that should be removed, updated, changed, rearranged, or put away. Perhaps they aren’t using a real estate agent and are trying to sell their home on their own. Perfect example of how having the right agent can save you time, money, and a whole lot of anguish.


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