Bend-La Pine Schools Adopts New Bend-area Elementary School Attendance Areas January 29, 2019 – (Updated 2/13/19) Bend-La Pine Schools Superintendent Shay Mikalson approved the adoption of new Bend-area elementary school attendance areas, set to take effect in the fall of 2019.

“These new elementary school attendance areas will balance enrollment and reduce pressure felt at the district’s overcrowded elementary schools while providing an attendance area for Bend-La Pine Schools’ new 600-seat elementary school opening in the fall of 2019 in north-central Bend,” said Mikalson. (The Bend-Lapine School Board voted on 2/12/19 to name the new elementary school North Star Elementary School.)

Mikalson said he studied community input, met with staff and families, reviewed current and projected elementary school enrollments, and carefully reviewed the recommendations presented by the 26-member Attendance Area Review Committee before finalizing his decision.

The committee made its recommendations after meeting for four months, hosting several public meetings and reviewing more than 500 comments from the public through surveys and in-person communication. The map showing the new boundaries can be viewed here: Bend-area Elementary School  Attendance Area Map

Change is hard, and not everyone is happy about the new boundaries. While public input was a critical part of the process, the new boundaries mean hundreds of elementary school students will be attending a new school in the Fall of 2019. The recommended changes alter boundaries for almost every elementary school in the Bend area. The district estimates that approximately 809, or 12.3%, of current students in grades K-4 will be impacted by the changes. If you’re planning to buy a home in Bend, OR and schools are important to you, make sure you review the new attendance areas and contact the Bend-LaPine School District with any questions about attendance.

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