Navigating Bend, OR Like a Local with Locals Compass

To help homebuyers familiarize themselves with Bend, Oregon before the big move, The Brundage Smith real estate team at Total Property Resources is collaborating with Bend-based travel marketplace Locals Compass. The company connects travelers with locals for personalized travel itineraries and is offering readers a free 1-day itinerary to better acquaint themselves to the area. Itineraries are designed by Bend Locals with expertise in Outdoor, Adventure, and Family Travel, and are based on your travel styles and preferences, even including food limitations and fitness levels!

Founder and CEO, Zilaida Salgueiro, recently made the move to Bend from Northern California and recognizes the challenges associated with being new to town. In her experience, becoming familiarized with local spots and getting the lay of the land can go a long way, making for a smoother transition.

If you are interested in learning more about Locals Compass, including what a “day in the life of a Bend local” looks like, and upcoming community events, check out their blog. To redeem your free 1-day personalized itinerary, use promo code TOTALPROPERTY by July 15th.


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