JettStream Inc. seeks parents of children with severe asthma for further device testing

My husband Matt Smith is Co-Founder of JettStream, Inc., a medical device startup company in Bend, Oregon that specializes in products and information to help treat childhood asthma. Their first product, the JettPak, is the first and only product that is designed to help administer nebulizer treatments to children while they are sleeping. JettPak has been proven in the lab to effectively deliver the medicine, and it has been verified by moms to help reduce asthma-related emergency room visits. More information can be found on their website:

They need further testing of the device by parents, guardians, grandparents, and anyone who cares for a young child with asthma. Specifically, they are seeking parents or guardians:
  • With a child/children under age 7 with severe and persistent asthma
  • Familiar with or currently using a nebulizer (or attempting to!)
  • Interested in influencing asthma care in our region
They are offering 2 focus group sessions and childcare will be provided if needed.
Wednesday, November 6th
8:00 am – light breakfast served
12:00 pm – lunch served
5:30 pm – dinner served
Thursday, November 7th
8:00 am – light breakfast served
12:00 pm – lunch served
The focus group sessions will be held at the JettStream office, located at 598 NW Hill St, Suite A in Bend. If interested or for more information, please call 541-550-7366. You don’t have to live in Bend to participate, but you must be able to travel to Bend for a couple of key meetings throughout the process.

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