Second Homes in Bend – Northwest Crossing

Bend has been a popular destination for vacation homes/second homes for years but now that prices have come down so much, it is especially enticing. Roughly half of my buyer clients this year have been looking for a second home in Bend. Many of them know exactly what they’re looking for, down to the specific neighborhood. Others just know that they want to be close to amenities like restaurants and outdoor recreation and they’re open to looking at numerous neighborhoods. I am frequently asked, “What are the most popular neighborhoods for a second home in Bend?” The answer obviously depends on what you’re looking for, but Northwest Crossing (NWX) usually makes the cut. What makes NWX so appealing? NWX is located in the NW section of Bend, along Mt. Washington Dr. on the west side, Shevlin Park Rd./Newport Ave. on the north side, and Skyliners Rd. to the south. You can quickly access Shevlin Park, Phil’s trail, and National Forest Land to the west. If the shops and restaurants in the neighborhood leave you wanting more, Newport Ave. and downtown Bend are close by. The smaller lots in NWX (part of the sustainable development plan) mean you’ll spend less time doing yard work and more time enjoying everything Bend has to offer.

Photo courtesy of NWX

NorthWest Crossing was thoughtfully designed to provide residents with neighborhood conveniences like restaurants, shops, parks, schools and trails. In the heart of NorthWest Crossing is Compass Park, a 5-acre circular-shaped park featuring a play area, covered pavilion, bike paths and naturally preserved landscape. Compass Park is home to the annual outdoor cinema series, Munch & Movies, which takes place each summer.

Photo courtesy of NWX

NWX is home to numerous other annual events including Spring Festival, Hullabaloo, and the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Some of the restaurants in NWX include La Rosa (personal favorite of mine), Pisano’s Pizza, Portello Wine Cafe, and Thai Thai.

Homes in NWX include townhomes, condos and single family homes. While Northwest Crossing is an established neighborhood, new homes are still being built. Architectural styles include Craftsman, Tudor, Colonial, American Four Square, Prairie, and Mid-Century Modern. If you’re looking for a second home in Bend, visit my website to search for homes currently available in Northwest Crossing:

Update 6/21/12 – Northwest Crossing was featured on KTVZ as one of the neighborhoods showing signs that the real estate market is turning around. Read the story and watch the video here: Northwest Crossing Housing Comeback



  1. gzanman · · Reply

    This is a good overview. What neighborhoods would you recommend for young famines with only one home? Thanks.

  2. gzanman · · Reply

    Meant families, not famines. 😄

  3. That would be an entirely different answer huh? It will depend on your price range and how much square footage you need. SW Bend is much more affordable than NW. In SW Bend, you might like River Rim, River Canyon Estates, and Aspen Rim. You’ll have a good selection of homes and amenities like parks, trails, and pools. You can easily stay under the $500k mark and possibly even $400k. If your budget is higher, The Parks at Broken Top is also very popular with families. In NW Bend, Northwest Crossing is great as are the Shevlin neighborhoods – Shevlin Meadows, Shevlin Ridge, Shevlin Pines. There are so many really. There are lots of good east side neighborhoods as well and you’ll get a lot more home for your money. Feel free to contact me via email with specific questions of call if you want to chat. Cell: 541-788-8997

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