Bend’s Best Buys – $424,900 Riverfront Home in NW Bend

This riverfront home is located in the coveted Rimrock West neighborhood in NW Bend, off of Archie Briggs. The home is 1950 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms/2.75 baths and sits at the end of a cul-de-sac. The home has lots of windows facing the river and about 800 sq. ft. of decking to enjoy the view from. Truth be told, I think the price of this bank owned home is still a bit high because the home is very dated (built in 1980) and practically every surface is covered with pine siding (maybe a slight exaggeration, but there is a LOT of wood). I would not suggest waiting until the price is reduced though. I’ve seen this happen over and over. Buyers wait for a price reduction and then there’s a frenzy with multiple offers. If you have any interest in a riverfront home in Bend with huge potential, give me a call or email me and we can talk about values for your offer. FYI, an updated riverfront home next door with 2352 sq. ft. is on the market for $925,000. The address is 611 NW Silver Buckle.


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