One More Tool in My Short Sale Toolbox

I recently partnered with another Realtor who is offering a 3rd party short sale negotiating service. I have always done the negotiating myself, which included spending hours on the phone and sending countless emails while trying to show property and take care of clients. You would think 2100 cell phone minutes per month would be plenty. I assure you, it is not when you’re talking with banks.

The Realtor I’m now working with has an 80% success rate (or better) and contacts higher up at most of the banks so when the assigned negotiator at the bank is being less than cooperative (as if that would ever happen) we just pull out the big guns. The best part is, there is no additional charge to the seller or buyer for this additional level of service. This is going to work out beautifully for both the seller and the buyer. I can’t tell you how many times my buyer clients and I waited around for months while an inexperienced agent tried to get a short sale approved and in the end it didn’t happen. Buyers can be confident that when they make an offer on one of my short sale listings, it is being negotiated by the best of the best. Sellers that list with me get the benefit of exceptional negotiating skills and the HALO program at Total Property Resources. Read more about HALO by clicking here.


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  1. You Walk Away assists homeowners in default or foreclosure by offering alternatives that are in the best interest of the home owner including loan modification, walking away, debt settlement and more.

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