(SOLD) Bend’s Best Buys – Bank owned on Awbrey Butte $324,500

(SOLD 11/23/10 for $380,500) This home at 1033 NW Yosemite Dr. is in Awbrey Park on Awbrey Butte and was first listed at $825,000. The home is 3468 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms/3.5 baths, separate living and family rooms, a bonus room, master on the main level, 3-car garage and heated driveway. If you’re in the area, you really should drive by this home because one of the biggest challenges with selling this home before was the location. It’s at the corner of Mt. Washington and Yosemite, although it is tucked below Mt. Washington with a huge rock wall that minimizes road noise. The list price is $324,500. Please note the pictures below are from a previous listing. I make no representation about the current condition of the interior and would not be surprised if the appliances and fixtures are missing. The current listing only has exterior photos. I think this will go quickly and probably for more than the list price.


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