Bend Real Estate Statistics December 2009

December was another decent month with 1073 homes for sale, 185 contingent sales, 314 sales pending, and 190 sales. Bend mirrored the national trend in that we had slightly fewer sales than in November but more homes were pending. The median home price was $224,000.

Only 92 (8.5%) of the homes for sale are bank owned, while 86 (27%) of the homes pending and 64 (34%) of the homes that sold were bank owned. The median price of the bank owned properties that sold was $176,000 with most of the sales occuring in the $120,000 – $160,000 price range.

Short sales make up 210 (19.5%) of the homes for sale, 180 (17%) of the contingent sales, 110 (10%) of the pending sales, 49 (4.5%) of the homes that sold. Currently 28% of the homes for sale are distressed properties and 59% of the homes that sold were distressed properties.

Here’s a look at the past 6 months:

The median sales price has been hovering around $225,000 and the inventory has been declining as the number of homes sold remains steady and even climbs a bit. 

View the complete statistics for December 2009


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