Bend Real Estate Statistics October 2009

During the month of October there were 1275 homes for sale, 239 contingent sales, 352 homes pending, and 210 sales. The inventory is down and the sales are up compared to the last few months. In fact, the last time we saw this many sales in one month was towards the end of August 2006 when the market started to cool. Roughly 250 properties were taken off the market last month. Some were terminated or withdrawn and others expired. Some of these properties might be relisted but this tends to be the time of year that many homeowners that weren’t able to sell during the summer give up. This is why it’s important to keep your home on the market if you’re serious about selling. There’s much less competition and buyers that are willing to look in the dead of winter are serious about buying.

Once again, most of the sales were in the $200,000 – $250,000 price range, although I have noticed an increase in activity in homes priced over $500,000. Twice as many homes over $500,000 sold in October compared to September.  12 homes sold over $1,000,000 compared to 3 in September. 5 of those sales were in Pronghorn, several of which were part of a bulk deal. The other sales included:

$1,050,000  5 beds/3.5 baths, 3709 sq. ft. home at 456 NW Kansas St. downtown.


North Rim 2North Rim$1,200,000  4 beds/5 baths, 6772 sq. ft. home at 3450 Greenleaf Way in North Rim on Awbrey Butte



1st St1st St 2$1,250,000  4 beds/4.5 baths, 5580 sq. ft. home at 1518 NW 1st St. on the Deschutes River



$1,769,000 4 beds/4.5 baths, 6035 sq. ft. home on a 1.27 acre lot in Sunset View Estates.


Drake RdDrake Rd 2$1,800,000 5 beds/4 baths, 5500 sq. ft. home at 437 Drake Rd.



Broken TopBroken Top 2$2,800,000  5 beds/7 baths, 10,881 sq. ft. home at 61886 Bunker Hill Ct. in Broken Top.



Below is a quick comparison of the previous 6 months. Here’s a link to the full stats: October 2009

  Active Contingent Pending Sold
October 1275 239 352 210
September 1543 264 328 173
August 1546 236 211 153
July 1751 238 275 184
June 1789 236 297 158
May 1829 205 242 138

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