Almost Famous – My Guest Appearance on OPB Radio

I’m a very regular listener of OPB radio. My radio alarm clock is set to OPB and it’s a programmed station in my car. Button number 1 in fact. As you can imagine, I was more than flattered when the executive producer of Think Out Loud, Sarah Rothenfluch, called me to invite me to be on the show as a guest. The topic was “Home Buying” and the $8000 tax credit for first time buyers. She called yesterday at 3:00pm to see if I could be on the show this morning at 9:00am. First I felt flattered, then incredibly nervous. That’s not much time to prepare! She asked me a few questions over the phone then told me I’d be asked pretty much the same questions on the show. That gave me some confidence. I thought I handled the questions over the phone pretty well, and I’d have a little more time to prepare before the show.

When they called this morning, I went back to nervous. I was on the show via telephone. I sat in my office with the door closed while the rest of the agents in my office sat in the reception area and listened to me on the radio. Turns out, all of the questions Emily Harris asked were completely different than the questions I was asked on the phone. I really didn’t feel prepared at all, but I survived. After they thanked me for being on the show and I hung up, my husband called to congratulate me. I could hear chatter outside of my door but I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying. I opened my door and saw smiling faces and heard lots of applause and Well Done! Nice Work! etc. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I did it. I really can’t remember what I said because I was so nervous but I remember at least having an answer to all but one of the questions, which I do have an answer to now, and it’s no. I’m still not brave enough to listen to the show online but if you want to, here’s the link:


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