Bend Real Estate Statistics June 2009

To summarize, there are 1789 homes for sale, 236 contingent, 297 pending, and 158 homes sold in June. In the MLS, when I run the stats for more than one type of property (residential, multifamily, etc) it doesn’t allow me to choose a residential subtype (townhome, manufactured, etc.) and it automatically includes properties like time shares and manufactured homes being sold without the land. I don’t like to include those properties in my statistics so this time I ran the residential statistics separately from the multifamily and farms so I could eliminate the time shares and other subtypes. That’s why it looks like there are fewer homes on the market. There are actually 1850 properties for sale, including time shares, etc. Here’s how June compares to previous months:

May 2009:    1829 for sale, 205 contingent, 242 pending, 138 sold.

April 2009:    1825 for sale, 171 contingent, 232 pending, 119 sold.

March 2009:  1834 for sale, 129 contingent, 203 pending, 110 sold.

The median price for the active listings is roughly $350,000.  There are 876 homes for sale under $350,000 and 873 homes for sale over $350,000. However, the majority of the sales are under $350,000. 80% of the sales (127 homes) were under $350,000 and 20% of the sales (31 homes) were over $350,000. Although a lot of buyers are excited that decent homes are now available for around $150,000 most of the sales were in the $200,000 – $250,000 price range.

View the complete stats here: June 2009 Statistics


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