Amazing Opportunities at Shevlin Reserve – Modern Townhomes (3 Now Pending)

Shevlin ReserveShevlin Reserve, which features 12 sleek and sophisticated  modern, single-level townhomes in NW Bend, now has 4 bank-owned townhomes available ranging from $350,000 to $595,000. That’s great news for buyers but bad news for owners that paid nearly $900,000. Modern design typically strives to integrate the indoor and outdoor environments and Shevlin Reserve does just that. The single level townhomes have a low profile and are situated on larger lots. They feature modern and sustainable touches like concrete radiant heat floors, wool carpet, stainless steel countertops in the kitchen, floating cabinets, Italian light fixtures, and a wall of 23 foot tall windows in the living room that open onto the outdoor living area via German engineering. Some of the townhomes have Cascade Mountain views.

Here’s the catch (ah, you knew it was too good to be true didn’t you) – 3 of the townhomes are not finished. There are 2 listed at $350,000 and they are far from being complete. They are framed and the windows are in but if you require much more than that to live happily you’ll have some work ahead of you. These are the 2341 square foot floor plan with 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths. You can bring your own builder/contractor to finish the job or the bank has someone that can finish them. A third townhome, listed at  $595,000, is nearly finished. When I visited, most of the cabinets, sinks, and flooring were in and the appliances were in the garage. The 4th townhome is completely finished. The 3rd and 4th townhomes are the 1801 square foot floor plan with 2 bedrooms/2.5 baths.


Living Roomkitchen





Master bathThere is another great deal at Shevlin Reserve listed at $519,000. It’s the 1801 square foot floor plan and it’s completely finished. The owner just wants to sell and sell quickly. He paid much more when he bought it in 2006 but he owns it outright so you get the satisfaction of a short sale deal without all the hassles of a short sale. This townhome  has  walnut floors and the darker cabinets so the interior feels very warm.  It also has Cascade Mountain views.

Shevlin Reserve townhomes are located off of Shevlin Park Rd. in NW Bend. (3 of these townhomes are now pending.)



  1. While these prices are a step in the right direction, they still are far from the reality of Bend RE. Especially a town home that overlooks Shevlin Meadows. Sad to see so many chase the market down.

  2. Still not low enough. I think these homes have a very limited appeal a very small segment of the market. I think somewhere in the 200’s will finally begin to see some interest. I know that is hard to believe for someone who paid 6-800K for them. They are essentially a concrete box with a nieghbor 18″ away from each other.

  3. Someone in Bend · · Reply

    Sad that people believed the hype and paid so much to begin with- but, then again, that- and the denial- is what has brought Bend to its current situation. I agree, somewhere in the 200’s maybe. Truth is: More windows, concrete floors, floating cabinets, and stainless counter tops… those really aren’t expensive finishes… that is… unless the person selling them/contracted to do them is ripping you off. And I don’t understand how “Italian light fixtures” is a selling point either- because that’s not really saying anything: Just like the rest of the world- cheap crap can also come from Italy.

  4. Ah come on now; we visited one of these homes; they are unique and different from the usual Bend style of homes.
    If you like super sleek “a la city design”, you should check them out. Our “in her twenties” daughter loved the home. However, not my style in Bend, prefer the tranditional craftsman home.
    The prices are refective of the current market; now is a good time to buy this unique home; not sure if they will get much lower. They will appeal to a certain market.
    As for the floors and finishes, they certainly weren’t cheap; just different.

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