Bend’s Best Buys – West Side Craftsman $189,000

  Exterior front  Kitchen  Guest bath  Guest bath 2

Short Sale – Newly remodeled Craftsman on Bend’s west side features hardwood, slate and tile floors. This home is a single level with a loft, vaulted living room, updated kitchen with Mexican tile, and has a fully fenced backyard. Home most recently sold in 2006 for $355,000!  This home is a 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1766 square feet with a 2-car garage.

 Property may not be listed by agent presenting information.




  1. What’s the address? I’d like to know where this is…looks very nice!

  2. Lyle Johnson · · Reply

    Looks like a good deal, but I think this shows that sometimes “just updated” may not add anything to the value of the house and in some cases may subtract value. If I were to buy the house I would want to tear out all the tile in the place, redo the kitchen and the bathroom. Those are probably the exact things that the previous owner just finished and I probably would have been able to live with the old finishes better.

    Still, it does look like one of the better priced homes on the west side, and it’s a good location. I lived 3 blocks from there for about four years and enjoyed it, although I was further away from 14th st.

  3. Yo Cheri … what’s the address?

    1. Frank, I sent you another email this morning but in case you don’t get that one either, I’ll also post it here. The address is 1374 NW Davenport. Drive by and let me know what you think. It’s currently rented and the tenants need 24 hours notice.

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