August & September 2008 Home Sales in Bend, Oregon

Yes I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to posting the real estate statistics and I apologize. Because of that you get a double whammy – August and September stats all in one post. For me, business picked up a lot in August and September so I was not surprised to see that home sales overall in Bend were up in September. In fact, home sales for September were the highest we’ve seen in a year. I’m proud to say that I did my part to bring those numbers up. Actually my buyers did but I was happy to assist them.

In August, pending home sales were up about 18% in the west compared to 1 year ago. A large portion of that can be attributed to the California market which saw a roughly 13% increase in sales in August compared to 1 year ago. I wasn’t sure how many of those pending sales would actually close since many buyers are struggling to get approved for loans and other buyers have been adversely impacted by the Wall St crisis. Fortunately many of them did. I don’t expect this trend to continue though with all of the uncertainty in the financial markets. Elections also tend to make people wary.

August Statistics available here: August 2008 Sales

September Statistics available here: September 2008 Sales


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