Newport Landing – Modern Homes in NW Bend

I visited the Newport Landing model yesterday for the second time and continue to be impressed. Newport Landing is a new modern home development near the roundabout at Newport Ave. and College Way in Bend. The homes were designed by GGL Architecture of Bend and built by Diamond Built Homes of Redmond. They currently have 4 floor plans available (and should eventually have 6) that are very open with lots of large windows throughout, decks and terrace areas, and modern design features.  They offer 3 interior package options, all customizable, with natural finishes and surfaces including stone, tile, glass and wood. They put a lot of thought into the floor plans and orientation of windows and rooms. Floor plans vary from lot to lot so that even with all the huge windows, you can maintain your privacy and won’t look directly into your neighbor’s window.




If you love modern architecture like I do, please contact me. I’d love to help you find a modern home in Bend or a lot that would allow you to build your own custom modern residence.


  1. From your photos, the Newport Landing place looks well done. Unfortunately I didn’t make it there for the tour. I loved the idea of the modern homes by Newport Market, but there were just too many deal breakers for those to sell in this area… especially at the price they were asking. My question is… compare and contrast – do you like the Newport Landing places better?


  2. cherismith · · Reply


    I absolutely do like Newport Landing better. They’re set back off the street and the design of the floor plans and layout of the subdivision is well thought out. As I mentioned, they have already decided which floor plans go on which lots, allowing the large windows to be offset from your neighbor. With the Grandview homes next to Newport Market, the floor plans are pretty much all the same so if you’re standing in the living room of one of the homes at the end, you can look straight through all the other homes, directly into your neighbor’s living room, and their neighbor’s living room, and so on.
    I think the major difference between the two projects is Newport Landing is a planned neighborhood while Grandview was just 5 modern homes built next to each other on Newport Ave. Also, Newport Landing will blend in better with the surroundings.


  3. I LOVE that Bend is finally coming around to modernism. True, Bend has its own indigenous aesthetic, but the mini-Pronghorn style is becoming more and more cliche as it becomes more accessible to build. As Bend develops as a city (unfortunately it will), diversity and progressive influences will make for a richer and more compelling landscape. Newport Landing is another brave step towards breaking the homogeny. Similarly, Shevlin Commons is another fine example of the hybridization of modernist design and the Bend environment. It’s considered, architectural, and sensitive to the surroundings. Now, if I can only afford $2M….!!


  4. Looks nice, what about exterior photos?


  5. David Troxell · · Reply

    What is the price tag for the Newport Landing homes? Also, the (4) modern homes that were once for sale on Newport Ave near the market, are they still for sale, do you know the current asking price? Sorry, I am from out of state, so it has been a little more difficult to keep tabs on them.



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  7. […] dirt. It’s a shame because it was well built and had a nice floor plan and finishes. (Click HERE to see the model.) The problem was the price tag ($500,000 […]


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