Update on the expired listing

I spoke with the owner this morning and let’s just say I’m staying away from this one. The more I talk to the owner the more I think he and this agent are a perfect match for each other. The owner still had not talked to the agent and said he wouldn’t be able to today because he’s working and here’s the best part….”Well, I guess since he already activated it again I’ll just use him again.” What???? So this agent’s slimy tactic worked? Of course I pulled out my full arsenal of objection handling skills and explained that it’s his house and up to him to choose his agent, why would you want to use this guy again when he couldn’t sell your house the first time and he doesn’t stay in touch with you….  In one ear and out the other.This is when I decided I didn’t even want the listing and would not pursue this further…. I told the owner I was confident if I could get the house sold if he would agree to list it at X price and his response was “Well, this is an investment property and I’m putting some renters in it soon and I don’t really want them to have to move if the house sells quickly so I’m going to leave it at the current price. If it sells it sells, if not, that’s OK.”

I seriously contemplated contacting the agent’s principal broker but after this morning’s conversation with the owner, I’m not sure he’s being completely honest with me. He might have told the agent to go ahead and put it back in the MLS and he’d sign paperwork as soon as he could but he didn’t feel comfortable telling me that for whatever reason. Plus he’s not even motivated to sell the house and isn’t willing to price it where it needs to be to sell. I’m going to say best of luck to both of them and move on!


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