I’ve been helping a really wonderful gal from Portland find a homesite in the Three Rivers South area, south of Bend. Her family loves the snow and wants to live where there’s a lot of it. They made a great choice with Three Rivers South! For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Sunriver, Three Rivers South, and LaPine are at a higher elevation than Bend and therefore get more snow. What has been confusing to this buyer are the boundary lines between those three areas, and I can appreciate her confusion. It occurred to me that she’s probably not the only one that would benefit from an explanation.


Three Rivers South is the area between Sunriver and LaPine. Within Three Rivers South (TRS) there are about 8 subdivisions/neighborhoods. Fall River Estates is an example. You might live in Fall River Estates specifically but you are still in the Three Rivers South Area. It’s gets more confusing when you try to figure out which school district you are in. If you’re in the section of TRS that lies north of Century Dr. and the Fall River, your kids would attend Three Rivers Elementary and Middle Schools and have a choice of attending Bend or Summit High Schools. If you’re in one of the TRS neighborhoods south of Century Dr. and the Fall River, you fall in the LaPine school district and your kids would attend LaPine Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Families can request to make an interdistrict transfer. If both the home school and the receiving school agree to the transfer, those students can change districts, bringing their state funding with them. It seems that as long as there is room in the receiving schools, these requests are usually granted. Of course, you’d want to contact the district directly.

The Bend LaPine School District is currently accepting public comments concerning the possibility of changing the school boundaries to keep up with the population changes in the area. Feel free to attend meetings or send your comments via email. They are hoping to come to a decision March 1, 2008. Based on public comments received at previous meetings, the committee has developed draft attendance boundaries for the 24 current schools, and three new elementary schools being built. Please visit the school district website to find out how you can view these draft attendance boundary maps.




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